Davit Karapetyan

Davit Karapetyan

Davit already has a Master’s degree in Human Resources Engineering at Paris René Descartes University and joined our graduate program in the Human Resources Department as part of his current Master’s degree in Trilingual International Management at Paris-Est Créteil University


I was looking for a Human Resources internship in an international company and chose Atos because of its international dimension, the fact that it is a highly dynamic, creative and innovative IT Company, and because it has a reputation for offering good challenges and projects to its interns and always having great mentors.


From the very first day, I really enjoyed my time in Atos. It all started from the very welcoming and informative interview with my mentor, the Head of Global Recruitment. The first working day he introduced me to all the projects I had to work on and helped me to understand the projects and the Company’s values. My internship began with a new and very interesting project - “International Internship”.  


I first met with the different Heads of Recruitment, HR Directors and Talent Acquisition Managers to understand what was being done and what the on-going projects were and their requirements. Then I began to create a strategic guide about best practices for International Internship Management and its promotion on the Atos corporate website, LinkedIn and Facebook. This framework was distributed to all Atos Recruitment teams worldwide and I later became the International Internship project coordinator.


I also created a closed community on Atos’ internal social network “blueKiwi”. This helps all Atos Recruiters to cooperate easily and quickly by sharing CVs, identifying all the available internships across Atos worldwide and initiate further actions. This community helps to reduce multi-mailing process too, part of Atos’ “zero mail” campaign, because all the information is shared there. Finally, I had another nice opportunity to work on the Company Brand Awareness programme, Social Networks, and the School-Company Relationships and Recruitment process.


It’s been a very challenging experience as I’ve had to have meetings with many different countries whilst both giving and receiving advice for different steps of the projects. New and interesting tasks cropped up every day and the high degree of autonomy that I was given enabled me to gain more confidence and enjoy the responsibility of what I was doing. I was also very pleased that I could use my language skills in a professional environment while at the same time being encouraged to apply my creativity and Human Resources International Management skills.


Overall, I’ve had a great and constructive experience at Atos and can thoroughly recommend such an internship. I’ve enjoyed being part of a real team and have learnt a lot from having a great mentor who was able to help me succeed, to learn more about business, and importantly, to enjoy my experience.

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