Giulio Gatto

Giulio Gatto

Giulio did an internship with Atos as a Junior SAP Consultant between January and July 2013 as part of his Master’s degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.


Following my Master’s in Economics & Finance, I jumped at the opportunity to train in an international company where I could have work experience related to my academic discipline and career goals. I was also attracted by the exciting and challenging work environment offered by Atos and the chances provided for improving my professional skills and for putting myself ‘on the line’.


From the beginning, all my work colleagues were very approachable and kind, and always willing to explain any queries and help me with any requests. I started by learning the main features and functionality of SAP ERP and then putting into practice what my Tutor was advising. Now, having understood the principal process and procedures regarding the different modules of SAP, my interest in ERP solutions has grown more and more.


What I liked most about what I did at Atos was that you never stopped learning and you also never knew what the next problem would be. I think that one of the best things about this job is that you would never get bored.


After completing my internship, I can definitely describe it as having been a great choice. Special thanks for this must go to my Mentor and the colleagues that have given me the opportunity to learn fast and straight, to work autonomously, and to develop my creativity and problem-solving abilities. I would definitely like to work for Atos and I would advise everybody considering an internship to go through the same experience!

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