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Together with digital security, the protection against cyber-threats, privacy and personal data protection have to be intrinsic parts of every organization.The biggest challenge is to deploy privacy and data protection principles and mechanisms down into the ecosystem of Internet applications. The key to sustainable success for businesses that rely on customers’ personal data, is to regain the trust of the individuals by demonstrating control over the usage of their data.

The opportunities associated with Digital Business Empowerment are staggering. Now that we live in a world in which everything can join up (at least at a technological level) – the size and value of our addressable markets are limited only by culture and imagination. Just look at how media, telecommunications and gaming companies have redefined the worlds in which they operate over the last ten years, for example.

Exposure to digital risk is, however, in more or less direct proportion to the scale of the opportunity. Failure to protect the confidentiality of 20 million clients has more serious repercussions than the failure to protect 1 million.

In our newly emerging digital economy, relationships of trust have become even more important – and any breach of trust can damage those relationships forever. That’s also why we need to learn to love compliance – and our compliance officers: clear and transparent conformity to recognized regulatory frameworks is the ultimate statement of confidence.

With our Digital Business Empowerment initiative, every element is wrapped in trust and compliance. It has to be.



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