Mobile Clinical Computing

Delivering a better experience to patients


Almost all healthcare systems in the world are facing similar pressures and pain points. Demand for high quality healthcare is rising as people live for longer, while treatments are becoming more costly as medical science makes new advances. Budgets are being stretched and providers are constantly searching for new ways to make healthcare delivery more efficient and productive.


  • Empowering clinical staff by giving them the tools and information they need, where and when they need them.
  • Increasing productivity by cutting out unnecessary actions and duplication of work.
  • Making better use of patient information and insights, without compromising confidentiality.
  • Delivering joined-up services, with end-to-end treatment from primary to acute to social care.

Mobile Clinical Computing (MCC) from the Atos and Dell Alliance provides an effective, practical answer to many of these issues. This uses advanced digital technologies, to deliver a secure, virtualized healthcare solution that deploys exactly the right resources and capabilities to healthcare professionals, giving them whatever they need, wherever they are. MCC can play a key role in enabling improved care, delivering a better experience to patients.

A mobile virtual healthcare covering the whole healthcare process


The Atos and Dell MCC concept enables effective digital transformation of the whole healthcare value chain:


  • Driving the right patient data to the medical staff at home, in hospitals or on the move, using smart mobile devices.
  • Simplifying the process of updating and securely accessing a single patient record.
  • Enabling single work sessions to follow patient information without being closed and rebooted.
  • Making it possible to authenticate fast without any compromise to security.
  • Raising productivity and cutting costs through enhanced service support to cut downtime and site visits.
  • Better security through management of data on a single cloud-based location.
  • Comprehensive manager service wrapper for more effective and trustworthy support.

Making effective healthcare a reality 


MCC safeguards investments by enabling existing assets to be repurposed, while using BYOD and smart mobility devices in a logical way to simplify working methods and reduce the need for new investment. The managed service approach moves you from the world of CapEx to OpEx, reduces risk and incentivizes us to find new ways to improve service and reduce cost. Atos and Dell, working together, are making a real contribution to delivering higher quality healthcare while reducing cost and risk, making limited resources go further, for the benefit of us all.


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MCC Factsheet

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