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Introduction video - take 2 minutes to understand Atos, and the value we can offer.


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We hear about “The Cloud” every day and how its value is a game changing fact of business.  However getting from your current environment to “The Cloud” can be a lot more than an App migration.  Be prepared because if you’re not, the consequences can be expensive, time consuming and embarrassing.



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Smart Storage

Smart Storage employs cloud based technology in a secure landscape that lets you store and share data with others.  This data is accessible for any authorized device (PC, Mac, Smartphone and Tablet) and support all of the major operating systems.  Easy to set up, understandable filing method, secure, and ever present.  It also very low cost.


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Scalance – a specially designed access point (router) and networking system manufactured by Siemens for the rugged environment of manufacturing or other areas that experience harsh conditions. Working together, Siemens and Atos will take a collaborative approach to your specific needs and design a solution especially for you leveraging our joint centers of expertise.  The final product will complement your existing network structure and can be supported by your internal IT resources.  


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Additional videos and information will be added, check back for updates.

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