SAP presents Atos Origin with 'Most Innovative Partner' Award

January 26th 2011, SAP presents Atos Origin with ‘Most Innovative Partner’ Award


Most Innovative Partner AwardSoftware developer SAP has presented Atos Origin with the Award for Most Innovative Partner during the annual SAP Partner Awards 2010. Atos Origin won the award for the development of the Sustainability Performance Management Dashboard for the manufacturing, retail and telecoms markets. The dashboard was developed for Akzo Nobel, amongst others and is used by Atos Origin itself. 

The innovative Sustainability Performance Management Dashboard, developed using SAP, states the position of a business in making their processes sustainable in a concise manner. It also clarifies which measures and processes support the objectives for sustainable growth and to what extent they do so. The relationship between these measures is also highlighted by the dashboard.

Enthusiastic reception

“A good sustainable strategy is based on measurement, improvement and reporting.

The dashboard supports all three actions  andit will soon be difficult to imagine managing a business without this key tool,” said:. Marianne Hewlett, member of the Board of Directors of Atos Origin Netherlands responsible for responsible enterprise strategy.

Marcel Groenenboom, Director of Ecosystem & Channels at SAP Netherlands said:. “With its dashboard Atos Origin has shown that they have applied our software in an innovative way in the Large Enterprise sector.”

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