Climate Performance

The new digital era provides an opportunity for a more responsible society at a time of economic pressure. Conscious of our responsibility and role to play to this immense challenge, Atos supports the universal climate agreement ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference of Paris in December 2015.


Atos is committing to business leadership on climate by endorsing 4 initiatives, part of the platform offered by CDP :


Adopt a science based emissions reduction target

Atos is committed to adopt a science based emissions reduction target, supporting the world effort to limit the rise of climate change to 2°C.

Put a price on carbon

Atos is committed to put a price on carbon to advocate the importance of carbon in the performance management and to materially affect investment decisions to drive down greenhouse gas emissions.


Responsible corporate engagement in climate policy

Atos is committed to engage more actively with stakeholders to contribute effectively to building a low-carbon and climate resilient economy.


Report climate change information in its mainstream reports as a fiduciary duty

Atos is committed to publicly disclose climate change information in its mainstream reports.


Climate change our priorities for 2015

Atos initiated a pioneering ambitious Zero Carbon program in 2009 which consists in both reducing its internal carbon footprint through a range of initiatives, while developing an innovative portfolio of solutions tackling the question of energy and carbon.


The program is leveraging on ICT as an enabler to optimize the performance of the environmental and financial performance of the company, and an offsetting initiative to deliver carbon neutral services.


The commitment is reflected in the results achieved which have been hailed by international organizations.

Climate Performance is a crucial pillar of the Corporate Responsibility Program


Environmental issues, in particular climate performance, are placed at the heart of the Corporate Sustainability Program, implemented in all geographies of the Group. It means not only considering the environment as a precious resource, but it also means addressing the living conditions of people and communities and to anticipate the consequences of today’s actions for future generations. The environmental program includes climate performance management and energy transition, compliance with best environmental standards and climate risk management.

Atos’ solutions enable to reduce the environmental impact of many sectors


The growing impact of climatic in the ICT sector is playing an increasing role in our organization, processes and business practices. Simultaneously, the digital transformation has been diffusing widely. ICTs are now deeply embedded in all businesses, in the fabric of our society and in every country of the world.


ICT has the potential to enable a significant reduction of the environmental impact of many sectors. The emissions avoided through the use of ICT would be as 10 times greater than the emissions generated by deploying it according to GeSI.


Innovative solutions we deliver contribute effectively to abate carbon emissions and improve of energy efficiency, allows monitoring air pollution or anticipating risk linked to climate events for instance. They meet the sustainability challenges of our clients and their performance requirements while ensuring compliance with regulation and best standards.


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Visit the 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report website

Read the Atos’ environmental policy

Read the Atos’ environmental policy

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