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Demand for datacenter services is booming as the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) by all sectors of the economy is dramatically growing.


This continual increasing demand for electricity to power ICT and cooling equipment has a significant impact on the environment. The ICT industry would account for approximately 4% of the global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, datacenter consumption contributing partly to this situation. To tackle the carbon footprint of this activity, several initiatives have been designed to reduce the energy consumption (in volume), and the carbon emissions (also linked to the type of energy supplied).

Our approach is to act on the following levers:


  • Consolidate our Data Centers, enabling investment in the best infrastructure available with higher utilization levels, resulting in more efficient sites.
  • Drive down the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of all its Data Centers. In 2014, the average PUE in our major datacenters was to 1.69.
  • Develop server virtualization and Cloud Computing.
  • Implement its new Data Center Infrastructure Management tool in selected Atos datacenters
  • Offset 100% carbon emitted by Atos data centers thus allowing Atos to offer carbon neutral hosting to its clients. In 2014, Atos has compensated 48,022 TCO2eq.
  • Avoid producing carbon emissions, moving progressively from offsetting toward the suppression of emissions at source. The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, France and parts of Germany are already using zero carbon energy.
  • Continue to invest in new generation of sustainable datacenters like for instance Suvilahti and Viikii (Finland) and a new super green datacenter in Longbridge near Birmingham in the UK.
  • Implement the ISO 14001 certification in all our strategic DCs.

Atos, historically, first ICT company to provide carbon neutral hosting to its clients


In 2009, Atos decided to provide carbon neutral hosting.

When a client decides to outsource their ICT hosting services, they also transfer the corresponding energy consumption and consequential carbon emissions to Atos. This by direct consequence  reduces their own carbon footprint  , while increasing that of Atos by an equivalent amount.. This is one reason why we look for opportunities during this process to optimize our clients ICT estate, to minimize energy consumption and the emissions transferred to Atos Data Centers.

Beside continuous efforts to improve the energy efficiency, the approach is to neutralize the carbon emitted by Atos using a carbon offsetting program. The principle consists in funding a transfer of technology toward emerging countries enabling them to produce less polluting power plants.


Concretely, since 2010, to support its clients on the journey towards more sustainable operations, Atos invests in a wind farm carbon offsetting project in India. This initiative enables Atos to offset the carbon emissions of its datacenters – evaluated at 48,022 TCO2eq in 2014 – and propose carbon neutral services to its customers as standard.

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Atos signed a new contract with EcoAct to continue delivering Carbon Neutral-hosted services to its clients



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