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Atos has a long history of social and environmental engagement and in the current market conditions believes even more that it is important to continue the efforts and to strengthen and implement globally the Group vision and strategy for sustainability.


In 2009, Atos was the first company to join the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as organizational stakeholders. The GRI guidelines are a worldwide standard for extra-financial reporting on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.


Each year our annual report is set up according to the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and to verify the data, Atos has engaged Deloitte to provide a limited assurance on certain key performance indicators.


In April 2014, for the fourth time running, Atos was awarded GRI A+ status for its Corporate Responsibility Report 2013 in accordance with the GRI reporting criteria.


In April 2015, Atos successfully produced its 2014 Corporate Responsibility Integrated Report in accordance with the GRI G4 comprehensive option.


The company remains committed to establishing Sustainability at the core of its strategy and business processes. Under the Sustainability program, Atos has made a number of important commitments and already delivered many significant achievements which are recorded in these Reports.


The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a network-based organization that has pioneered the development of the world's most widely used sustainability reporting framework and is committed to its continuous improvement and application worldwide. Find out more about the GRI here.

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