End User Computing


Providing end-user services and equipment for less

Desktops. Laptops. Smartphones. Printers. End User Computing is one of the most expensive areas of IT – pure overhead expense that’s difficult to budget and justify. Hand it over to Atos. We’ll provide the personnel, equipment and service guarantees you need, all at a pre-defined rate.



End User Computing

Flexible, integrated desktop management services that reduce costs, improve productivity and apply innovation to your environment.

Help Desk and Service Desk

With over 1.5 million calls per month, our global, multilingual staff takes ownership of each contact.
More on: Help Desk and Service Desk

Wireless and Mobility Services

Support all your mobile device holders and wireless users, and help prevent data loss/theft.
More on: Wireless and Mobility Services   

Desktop Management Services

Turn desktop support over to Atos, and find costs and risks reduced and internal IT hours freed up.
More on: Desktop Management Services

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