Utility Computing

Creating flexible solutions that reduce overheads and increase ROI

Today, lost hours can mean lost market share. Which means your IT team is pressured to deliver services, applications and infrastructure in ever-shorter timeframes. Let Atos tackle infrastructure management with our utility computing services. You’ll not only shift capital expenditure off your balance sheet, you may also reduce overall spend.

Privileges of Partnership

Web services are all about competitive advantage. Team up with a partner who will show you how to minimize waste, optimize ROI, and better align your utility computing costs with actual usage. We’ll rapidly deploy applications and services through immediate availability of underlying infrastructure.

As a managed services provider, we can help you create and operate a utility computing infrastructure, whether hosted or in your own data center.

Choose the Solution That Fits

Don’t lock yourself into a rigid solution. Select the Atos utility computing option that best fits your business needs:

  • ‘Pay as you grow.’ We’ll implement an agreed infrastructure stack that gives you flexible capacity; you pay only for what you use, as you need it
  • Phased deployment. We take the time to understand your planned growth strategy and deploy sufficient infrastructure to meet your needs against a pre-agreed charging model; costs are predictable and known well in advance
  • Transaction charging. We identify a per-transaction charge based on volume of inbound calls to sales/customer service teams or number of e-transactions.


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