Enterprise Data Storage and Backup

Keeping your data secure with intelligent monitoring and proactive detection and prevention

If there’s any organizational asset where safety is imperative, it’s your data. Call on a partner who can manage and maintain your data security and ensure uninterrupted accessibility. Our monitoring toolset can detect incidents based on multiple metrics, then report and/or take appropriate remedial action.

Plenty to Gain

With Enterprise Data Storage and Backup services from Atos, you gain:

  • Enterprise-class management, reporting and analysis
  • A fully tested, appropriate and optimized data backup and recovery system
  • Confidence in your backup and restore process
  • 24x7 administration and support
  • An understanding of what data storage is deployed and be alerted when thresholds are reached
  • Predictable, pay-as-you-go costs for supporting your data storage infrastructure.

Our Software or Yours

Depending on your needs, you can choose a fully designed and managed software backup/recovery infrastructure, or integrate our solution with your current software. We monitor and manage most major data storage infrastructure platforms from IBM, NetApp, HP and EMC. Count on Atos for:

  • Break/fix and monitoring
  • Support – local; remote access; Level III engineering
  • Storage resource management and data administration – solution design; technology evaluation and planning; backup; compliance archiving
  • Hosted solution services
  • Capacity and performance management
  • LUN allocation
  • Immediate incident detection and accurate reporting
  • Metering of storage capacity, with associated billing information.

Sounds Familiar?

If any of the following sounds like your current situation, you’re probably an excellent candidate for our Enterprise Data Storage and Backup services:

  • Your data volumes are increasing
  • You need to reduce the cost of managing expansion while increasing availability and reliability
  • You’re not sure how much storage you actually use and when capacity will be reached
  • You’re concerned about business continuity in the event of a disaster or other event
  • You use an outdated, tape-based data backup system
  • You have no current off-site data storage facility.


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