Managed Network Services

Keeping your business performing 24x7 by proactive monitoring and ensuring swift response times

It’s easy to take your network for granted. Until it stops working properly. Then your business slows to a crawl – or a halt. Put Atos on the case, and you’ll have 24x7 monitoring and swift response to performance bottlenecks and issues with capacity, load balancing and availability and security.

Numerous Advantages

Identify network performance issues, intervene in the event of failure, perform capacity planning, and conduct proactive network monitoring and management of LANs and WANs of any size or complexity. Our managed network services benefit your business by:

  • Optimizing network availability, capacity and security
  • Improving responsiveness to business requirements
  • Offloading day-to-day network management, freeing your IT staff to focus on other initiatives
  • Gaining proactive 24x7 network support.

End-to-End Services

Delivered across your own network or via our managed nationwide MPLS network, our services include:

  • Network Strategy and Optimization – including Architecture Planning, Site Planning and Execution, and Deployment Solutions
  • Network Engineering – including Seamless Integration and Network Transformation
  • Network Operations – including Performance Planning, System Monitoring, System Reporting, and Optimization
  • Network Management – including Compliance, Voice and Data, and Device Management
  • Vendor Management.

Sounds Familiar?

If any of the following sounds like your current situation, consider contacting Atos about our Managed Network Services:

  • Sudden, unexpected demand is creating server load balancing issues
  • Deploying additional capacity is not always straightforward or swift
  • Performance bottlenecks are time-consuming to troubleshoot
  • You’re investigating proactive system health checks to minimize potential risk
  • Your network could be better optimized for remote sites, and for quickly adding locations to your corporate WAN.


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