Retail IT Services

Redrawing the Retail landscape, reconnecting with customers through innovative digital solutions

The Retail industry is dramatically changing. New technology tools are helping redefine the customer experience and employee productivity, and connect with in-store shoppers in whole new ways.
We help retailers achieve success in this new world order through the following Retail IT Services.

Innovative Store Solutions

  • Store Support Center - A comprehensive support center for problem management and issue resolution, as well as remote system monitoring and asset management. Features a single-number, multi-language hotline for in-store employees if any device or piece of technology malfunctions at their store.
  • Store Device Management - Tiered management services that keep your in-store devices’ operating system and application software updated, maintained and performing at optimum levels.
  • Virtual Test Environment - A highly secure, cloud-based testing environment that enables your test labs to increase or decrease capacity as needed, in an agile, on-demand model.
  • eLearning - Customized, online, self-paced training for store employees on handheld devices, scanners, new POS solutions and other technologies for more rapid adoption.
  • Telecom Expense Management - Automated end-to-end telecommunications management that helps you reduce costs, increase productivity and gain ongoing telecom expense governance for store and enterprise mobile devices.
  • Store Network Management - Continual network monitoring and management to ensure availability and proactively prevent issues before they impact your stores.
  • NearMe - Contextual loyalty-enhancing engagement platform for a mobile, location-based solution in targeting offers to customers through loyalty platforms.

Enterprise Infrastructure Management

  • IT Consulting Services - Our experts help you mitigate risk and drive down costs.
  • Technology Infrastructure and Transformation Services - Our worldwide data centers can provide mainframe and midrange server management, enterprise storage, desktop outsourcing and network services. Or you can retain control of your IT assets, but engage us to manage that infrastructure remotely.
  • Virtualization - Increase bandwidth, storage and server capacity by optimizing resources within your retail IT infrastructure.
  • Restaurant Support Services - Often anticipate and solve the problem before the restaurant even knows they have an issue.

Digital Solutions

  • eCommerce Hosting - Securely manages and monitors your eCommerce sites to ensure availability, high performance and maximum uptime.
  • Mobile and Social Strategy - Our consulting team will work with you to help develop and execute effective channel strategies.
  • Application Services Management - Our end-to-end applications services include planning and solution design, development and implementation, hosting and management, and maintenance and support. We also give you the option of modernizing your legacy applications to reduce costs, as well as deploying new applications to help you better compete in an omni-channel retail environment.
  • Mobile Payment Solutions - Helps your sales associates bring the POS devices to your in-store customers, eliminating lines and enabling your customers to pay for their purchases any way they want, including mobile wallet.

Analytics: Making Sense Out of Mountains of Data


  • Retail Video Analytics Platform and Services - For store video analytics in tracking customers, processes and vehicles throughout a retail environment to optimize store operations.
  • Predictive Customer Journey for Personalized Communications in Retail - Helps retailers better understand their consumers, by developing predictive methods through analytics to enhance the customer purchase decision journey, increase retailers’ marketing efficiency, and convert higher sales.


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Retail IT Services

Retail IT services

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Restaurant Support Services

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