Your partner for the long term for customer-specific business models, single-step IT outsourcing and flexible cooperation agreements


More and more companies rely on external service providers to run their business processes – which do not form part of their core competencies. Technological expertise and a broad portfolio continue to be the most important criteria for selecting a service provider.


As part of a comprehensive operation and administration concept, Atos offers a full service package, ranging from maintenance, through user support and hotline operation, to guaranteed service levels with fixed problem resolution times, as well as maintenance of the current technological state of the art.


Our target is to achieve a significant increase in your benefits and your cost-effectiveness – to enhance your power to innovate. And irrespective of the market in which you operate, we offer a range of services, including hosting, integrated e-commerce and cloud solutions, SAP® R/3® operation, as well as management, archiving and transfer of very large files. With this comprehensive portfolio, we are addressing both large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

IT Outsourcing with Atos


Atos is an experienced specialist in both IT outsourcing and selective Business Process Outsourcing. Most importantly, we have acquired an acute sensitivity to the concerns felt by organizations new to IT outsourcing. In this respect, there are three values which our clients particularly appreciate:


  • Attention to the quality of dialogue and communication
  • An approach which was developed to help manage and predict IT costs while increasing the business value that IT brings to your enterprise
  • Ability for fast and reliable transition of the Present Mode of Operations to the Future (New) Mode of Operations.

A reputation built on results


Atos is independently recognized as a leader in European BPO and consistently delivers audited reductions in cost of between 20 and 40%. With over 20 years’ experience at the forefront of IT outsourcing, we have built a comparable position in this specialist field.


Our ‘design – build – operate’ model continues to evolve in anticipation and response to a changing business environment. We are able to blend the provision of onshore and offshore resources to tune each engagement to the precise requirement of each individual client.


Let’s talk about taking that first step right now.

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Andrew Kelemen
CTO, Innovation, Portfolio and Architecture NAM

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