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Atos SAP Industry Solutions to boost your business

In terms of software that is truly industry-oriented and built to run your global organization, there is probably no ERP product in the market that is as reliable and robust as SAP.
And if you are looking for a system integrator that combines business savvy and process knowhow  with  IT expertise, Atos is that partner. With a global reach and longstanding (over 30 years) partnership with SAP, Atos should be at the top of your list for IT partners able to deliver the local touch, globally.
When we sit down with you, we do so as a trusted partner, not as consultants. We help you choose the right technology to get the job done today while keeping your future business growth and evolution in mind.
Atos has developed core business performance solutions around some of SAP’s most reliable industry software packages across industries.


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Kermit Brence
Practice Director, North America

"Unlocking the power of SAP across every facet of your business"

“We support over 900,000 SAP end-users and have put in place over 5,000 implementations in more than 90 countries.”


This brochure gives an overview about the partnership between Atos and SAP. Mentioned is the comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions by Atos, as well as a global reach of Atos for SAP and the four key pillars to build the best outcome for our customers.

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SAP Field Kick-Off Meeting (FKOM) 2014

Atos a proud sponsor of the SAP FKOM 2014 event.


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