SAP for Manufacturing

Business Challenge

Manufacturers of every kind want to reach the point where integrated, globalized manufacturing processes are a reality. To make that happen, they need to work with a true specialist: a strategic partner that understands the pressures they face from the inside.

Atos is exactly that kind of company. We know manufacturing because we have an engineering and industrial heritage that goes back for more than a century and a half. That has helped us to build vertical application management solutions precisely tailored to the needs of manufacturers.

Atos connects deep industry expertise with the Right-Fit Application Management approach. Manufacturers can gain all the benefits of the Atos transformational journey, with the four key benefits of reduced costs, enhanced business continuity, revenue growth, and agility, through services that maximize their investments in core manufacturing-specific applications.

The Atos SAP approach

SAP is marketing the new approach to manufacturing, a new industrial revolution, with Atos as the premier Idea 2 Performance solutions provider. I2P is SAP’s integrated approach for manufacturers to help them optimize existing processes, build new services, and build new business models.

Not limited to just a single software but a suite of software that includes Enterprise Asset Management (EAM); Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S); Manufacturing Execution (ME); Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (MII); Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) & Portfolio and Project Management (PPM); and Visual Enterprise.

New user interfaces help accelerate technology adoption, including a new 3D visualization interface for product designers. Utilizing SAP HANA for real-time analytics, and SAP mobility for anywhere decision making, I2P brings together product design and manufacturing so companies can respond to market demands faster, be more agile, minimize fulfillment time, and allows for greater order variability.

With Atos and SAP, manufacturers run smarter, faster, and with more flexibility.

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Brad Borsuk
SAP I2P Business Lead Atos North America

Better Delivery Faster with Atos and SAP I2P

SAP is marketing the new approach to manufacturing, a new industrial revolution, with Atos as the sole Idea 2 Performance solutions provider.

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Case study Manufacturing Execution Systems

A truck manufacturer chose Atos to help it replace its existing vehicle engines with more efficient models, to meet government regulations and cope with disruptive changes in its existing supply chain.

Download the case study.

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