SAP Solutions for Public, Health and Transport

Changing dynamics of cities

Today, more than half of the worlds population  lives in cities. By 2030 that figure will be closer to 60 percent, rising to 70 percent by 2050. Today, we are trying to operate a twentieth century traffic systems in seventeenth century cities. There is a lot of work to do.

Services provided by the city should meet the growing expectations of citizens and businesses, and city governments are facing big challenges as they try to meet these expectations. Pressure on budgets for realizing the solutions needed by cities means there is a need for alternative business models.

Driving efficiency

How to balance budget cuts and regulatory pressure, while increasing service?
How to bring mobility to the field to enhance the efficiency of maintenance crews? How to better connect citizens with institutions that serve them?

Managing transparency

How to consolidate and share public data while maintaining secure systems?
How to measure operational efficiency, manage assets and maintain service levels?

Core business performance to boost your business

Atos has developed core business performance solutions around some of SAP’s most robust and reliable industry software solutions. For instance, we are deploying SAP Fiori to major US utilities and municipalities, making  their civil servants better “in touch” and accessible when they’re in the field. We are also deploying SAP Syclo based work manager solutions to drive real time integration between field crews and service requests. Our solution portfolio is proven, comprehensive and best in class including;

  • Service Portal
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Smart Meter Integration
  • Rapid change of supplier
  • Unbundling and Data Migration Services
  • Consolidation & Harmonization
  • Enhancements & Accelerators
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobility solutions including Fiori and Syclo
  • SAP Hana

Find out about our solutions for Public Sector, contact us.

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Kermit Brence
Practice Director, North America
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