Boosting business collaboration


It’s time to send communication and collaboration into business overdrive - to make sure that the way you deliver communications services boosts collaboration, efficiency and motivation across the enterprise.

Making the most of choice

You have more choices than ever before. The way you use communication and collaboration resources redefines both your workplace and the way people build and sustain great working relationships. Tablets and smartphones free people from fixed hours and locations. Enterprise social networking builds instant communities of interest. Media rich conferencing helps share expertise and ideas with more flair than ever before.

But there’s a paradox. The more choice you have, the tougher it is to manage – both for your employees and for your IT and operations teams.

Communication simplified

With our Communication Simplified program, Atos brings it all together. Helping you combine communication and collaboration options to boost productivity, control cost and sustain security at all times.

Find out how Atos can help boost business collaboration across your enterprise, download the brochure now.

Mixing up the menu

Click the segments below to discover more about the key solutions that make up the Communication Simplified solution set. Revolutionize the way your company communicates and collaborates.


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Mike Harm
CTO - Workplace
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