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Superior customer experience through digital transformation


The digital revolution has spoiled us. Amazon, Uber and Spotify have showed us how easy and hassle-free access to services and products can be. Today’s Customer expects a similar customer experience from their bank. And it is not just about finding the bank with that excellent product portfolio, it is about value associated with ease and convenience when dealing with their bank.


To be a leader in this changing environment, you need a deeper level of knowledge, awareness and insight. By understanding today’s digital, always-on consumer and taking advantage of new technologies and practices, you can move into the real-time world: a world of constant presence, data availability and service, and reap new rewards. Banks can unlock maximum value from each customer relationship by joining them in the real-time world. This is 'Now Banking' according to Atos.


At Atos, 'Now Banking' isn’t merely about adding a Facebook page or launching an app.  It’s about pursuing new business models and opportunities by exploiting the power of digital solutions such as social media, mobile, analytics and cloud. We use our expertise and a global remit to identify new or existing client opportunities with engagements relevant to Digital Transformation.



Atos 'Now Banking' Customer Experience for next-generation unified, personalized banking services across channels & devices


Our core mission is to drive digital connections to make our clients ‘Now’ financial organizations. 'Now Banking' provides the end-to-end solutions that will evolve your business technology to make the most of every customer contact with the aim of driving long-term competitive advantage.


Our solutions maximize the value of faster, secure, guaranteed transactions; enable you to deliver targeted customer engagement and richer experiences across every channel; to realize measurable value from customer data and predict their needs, so that you can deploy unique, value-added services to match their context and desire.



• CUSTOMER DNA & ANALYTICS - Drive customer engagement with behavioural customer DNA >> click here
• OMNI-CHANNEL CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT - Provide great user experience accros any channel, any time, any place >> click here
• NEXT GENERATION BRANCH - Redesign the branch network to enhance the digital customer experience at the branch >> click here
• DIGITAL MARKETING - Improve targeting with tailored services  based on rich customer intelligence and prediction >> click here
• DIGITAL ADVICE -  Bespoke ‘digital advice’ that fits customers’ daily lives >> click here
• MOBILE PAYMENTS & mWALLET- Integrated, ultra-fast payments across all digital channels >> click here


Atos’ digital transformation of your bank’s customer experience enables these benefits:
▶ Tailored customer relevance & digital advise
▶ Increased acquisition rate
▶ Improved retention rate
▶ Significant cross sell / upsell
▶ Higher loyalty

Atos 'Now Banking' -  acting as your digital transformation partner - connecting intelligent digital business processes and customer interaction, securely, to enable new revenue and business models faster.

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Gary Rader
SVP Financial Services & Telecom, Media and Technology Markets NAM

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