Mobile Payments & mWallet

Integrated, seamless and ultra-fast payments across all digital channels, delivering digital payments simply, quickly and securely


Today’s connected consumers want to order and pay for goods and services when and where it suits them. They expect smartphone convenience for travel, hotels, events, meals, drinks, and everyday shopping items.


'Now Banking' Mobile Payments & mWallet is the most advanced mobile security solution on the market.


Simplify payments, reduce online fraud and strengthen the customer relationship.

Simplicity, clarity and security 


▶ A single , comprehensive and multi-channel cloud-based payments system , offering in-store and remote payment solutions that will integrate with your existing payment infrastructure
▶ A unique incorporation of payments, mobile applications and authentication for the smoothest user experience and a trusted pay-as-you-use processing model
▶ Protect customers with Europe’s no.1 payment process business  - offering the highest levels of security for personal data
▶ Meet key global security and compliance standards
▶ A leap forward from 3D-Secure – mWallet has a more sophisticated authentication system suited to mobile use
▶ A fully dedicated, customizable and specific wallet architecture to meet each customer’s needs and with three configuration options to match your strategy perfectly.


Add value - for you and your customer

▶ Incorporate value-added services of your own, such as loyalty programs and couponing
▶ Create new possibilities for building the customer relationship and service around payment, supporting the full shopping experience with targeted offers, identity sharing,  multiple payment means and post-purchase support.


Why Atos?

Atos is a proven innovator and your key digital transformation partner of choice.


We are one of the world’s strongest providers of IT services to the financial industry, with 18,000 FS-dedicated business technologists committed to powering progress by making world-class expertise local to our customers in 72 countries all over the world.

Our focus is always to design exactly the right strategy for an individual bank, seamlessly delivered through our 'Now Banking' Digital Customer Experience solution set (here) and backed by our growing ecosystem of world-class technology players. Together, we deploy proven best practice enhanced by ground-breaking innovations to drive business transformation - leading to profit growth and higher value per customer for our banks.


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SVP Financial Services & Telecom, Media and Technology Markets NAM

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