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Building schools and colleges has always beena sign of social progress. From the smallest town to the largest metropolis, the schoolbuilding itself makes a statement: “learning matters”. The physical infrastructure of education still says a lot about our social priorities. But today, the state of our digital investment in education speaks just as loud.

Atos delivers the essential foundation IT services on which forward-looking educators rely. We are finding ways to maximize the effectiveness of IT budgets while establishing a foundation for inspired learning for students of every age.

Atos works with schools and colleges, and the agencies that serve them, in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. We work directly with students too, inviting them to share their ideas for connected futures in study, work and play

Take time to reflect on foundation IT in education.

Foundation IT in Education

Atos delivers a broad range of foundation IT services to clients in the education sector. Our foundation IT consultants are ready to work with you at both a strategic and operational level. Ultimately, all aspects of foundation IT are interconnected, and it is always worthwhile spending time reflecting on the big picture from process, technology and partnership perspectives.

Areas of particular interest include:

Shared Service Centers

Do individual schools and colleges really need to source, manage and maintain their own storage and hosting?

Atos can provide both the process and technology experience needed to create secure and cost-effective shared service centers.

Cloud Delivery

Delivering education services from the cloud simplifies management and eliminates needless capital expenditure.

With its agile hosting methods, Atos can provide capacity while meeting all regulation and compliance obligations.

Secure Learning

Education doesn’t just happen in the classroom – students study from home and on the move.

Secure learning platforms let students use their own devices wherever they need to learn while managing the security implications of people who “live on the internet”.

Unified Communication

Education is a social activity and is inspired by open collaboration.

Unified communication and social networking can bring students together at zero cost – great for international study and language learning.

Adaptive Workplace

Millions of people choose to work and study at the same time.

In its Adaptive Workplace implementations for business clients, Atos will balance access to business and learning according to approved policies.

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