Healthcare in the digital age: striving for flexible, personalized, and cost-effective care

Digitization is a step-change in transforming how we operate. For healthcare organizations, there are four main drivers for this move to digital.

  • Integrated Care – making the move from fragmented to coordinated medical services that improve patient care
  • Collaborative Care – working together with patients and families to improve treatment success
  • Mobile Care – managing personalized care plans for patients at home with remote access through mobile devices
  • Care Analytics – combining relevant data-sets from patients, test groups, and research centers to improve medical decision-making.

This represents a change in healthcare delivery and connectivity – of previously siloed systems, of patients, of treatments, of outcomes – is central to this.

The customary pressures of budget restraints, efficiency gains, and increased patient demands are ever-present. But digital transformation should not be viewed as an isolated moment or a short-term fix: it can fundamentally alter how healthcare organizations can provide an integrated, dynamic, patient-centric service while also keeping costs down.


Making digital transformation work for you

Digital transformation is more than just a mix of technology and software. It is a cultural and behavioral change that affects the whole organization, from healthcare officials striving for more efficient treatment delivery to the clinicians providing the most effective patient care. This change will require a reinvention of structures, bodies, and roles.

Atos Healthcare can help you position individual digital initiatives and innovations in a wider business context, applied from four outcome-specific standpoints:

  • Efficient healthcare: how digital transformation will enable healthcare organizations to improve operational excellence and provide anytime-anywhere patient services
  • Trusted healthcare: how digital transformation can address trust and compliance issues with remote treatment and patient self-care
  • Innovative healthcare: how digital transformation can help healthcare organizations to reinvent operating and process models that maximize patient care and value
  • Patient-centric healthcare: how digital transformation can enhance the patient experience with personalized care and patient self-care.


Why Atos as your partner for digital transformation?

Atos Healthcare provides a truly integrated approach to digital transformation, using these four outcome-specific standpoints as its basis. We look beyond IT because digitized healthcare is about individuals – your patients, your clinicians, your decision-makers.

Our focus is on empowering your stakeholders. Our aim is to provide them with the means to provide a fully digitized, connected, patient-centric service across the health continuum.

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SVP Public, Health, Energy & Utilities NAM
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