All change in the insurance market

The insurance market is facing a period of profound and disruptive change. A combination of transformational forces, from technology to regulation to commercial pressures, is changing the rules in the marketplace. Insurers need to find ways of successfully responding to:


  • Commoditization, leading to reduced brand equity and price-based purchasing
  • Globalization, targeting new growth potential as mature markets stagnate
  • Real-time data, for accurate risk costing and dynamic pricing
  • Consumer technology, for greater intimacy and faster claims
  • Telematics and sensors, driving behavior-based contracts
  • Regulatory change, with new compliance challenges.


All of these factors are coming together to drive change on a scale and at a speed that is unprecedented in the insurance market. So how should insurers respond?

Competitive advantage, here and now

Atos has answers to the challenges of today, and delivers new growth opportunities for the future.

  • Greater intimacy, responsiveness and targeting through our unique now insurance services
  • More efficient claims management, reduced fraud and enhanced security
  • Transformational platforms for improved efficiency, lower costs and service agility
  • Assured compliance with fast-changing regulations
  • Faste, lower-risk service development and new market entry.

The insurance market is being transformed. Atos makes change work for you.

Partnering with Atos

Atos is a leader across the full spectrum of insurance services:

  • Customer enabling IT, with ground-breaking now insurance solutions
  • Business enabling IT, through leadership in risk, compliance and regulatory reporting, transactional services, payments and core insurance processes
  • Foundation IT, with exceptional strength in managed infrastructure, security, application management and workplace solutions.

Our comprehensive portfolio, as outlined below, helps insurers gain real competitive edge in a changing market. Please click on the graphic to view our portfolio in more detail.

Atos Solution Overview

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