City within a city


City within a city

Cities are increasingly challenged to compete with each other and holding major events is a great way of doing this because of the attention, investment and opportunity for infrastructure and legacy growth they represent.


Creating an event, from the initial planning phases to the infrastructure development to the services you put in place is like building a city within a city.


Atos develops and delivers events that perfectly combine the provision of excellent city services with first class citizen experiences - creating unforgettable events.


We put the needs of event-goers and citizens at the center of everything - linking complex systems across events through key areas of experience, operations, security and digital enablement. Our citizen-centric approach means Atos delivers events that create a buzz, make organizers look like heroes, and that augment and support cities to be more competitive, integrated and citizen-focused.


We've worked with some of the largest events in the world including The Olympic Games, and the Ashgabat’s Olympic Complex but we also have experience of creating and managing the development of smaller sporting and entertainment events too.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you create a city within a city. 



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Olympic Games

Find out how we helped transform the Olympics Games...
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Transforming It to meet tomorrow olympic games challenges

City within a city in detail

Explore just some of the solution areas we can help with when you're planning and developing a major event.

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Major events - tumbnail
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