Right-Fit Transformational Application Management

Application Management


With the right Application Management moves you can transform your business


Today’s organization faces unprecedented levels of complexity and change. This complexity is a real challenge when it comes to businesses creating and maintaining their competitive advantage in a world that constantly demands more for less.


Right-Fit Application management from Atos is an approach that understands complexity and breaks away from the outdated silo approach to create more adaptable service and delivery models that can drive efficiencies right across the organisation.


Drive efficiency and reduce annual costs by 10%-20%


We use-standardized building blocks to provide the foundation to every solution which are then optimised to your specific need. When this is combined with eliminating production silos and integrating technology right across the organisation we can deliver application estate cost savings up to 20% per year.


Deliver IT agility and business value


At Atos, Application Management activities are executed at the level of the business process chain instead of at the level of individual applications. We take care of the end-to-end business process chaine. Our Right-Fit Strategic Model enables us to focus on the transformation activities that really increase the agility to change the IT landscape, leading to more value for your business.


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Manufacturers around the globe are transforming their applications landscapes and processes to help them meet the challenges of tomorrow.
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Manufacturing Execution Systems are at the heart of your strategy; see how Atos helps companies optimize their delivery.
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See how Atos gives vital support in helping companies manage their Product Lifecycle Management.
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‘Right Fit Applicaton Management, a transformational approach’
for faster, smoother, and more responsive applications.

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