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Your customers now live and work in a supermobile landscape. They expect the same performance and experience across fixed and mobile platforms, achieving consistency as they swap one device for another: tablets, smartphones, TVs and laptops are all part of their daily mix. Pre-paid becomes an active and profitable part of your new proposition to both business and consumer markets.

But you cannot manage this rapidly changing client service landscape with tools and processes which were never designed for the job. You need to replace the siloed batch processes of the past. You have the opportunity to redefine the pre-paid landscape to achieve unprecedented agility and advantage.

Atos now combines two winning solutions to transform your pre-paid operations.


  • Atos Telco Network Products (TNP) all voice services
  • The advanced Online Charging System of specialist partner Matrixx manages all data services

This combination makes it possible for you to give your customers a real-time picture of personal usage which is entirely independent of the underlying network technology. You shift the focus immediately from the network technology – which is of little interest to the customer – to their actual spend and behavior, which is what they really care about.

Your business technologists. Powering progress.

Atos Pre-paid IN

Three-way convergence

Atos is ready to help you achieve the three-way convergence needed to respond to this new and rapidly evolving prepaid landscape.


  • Services - By decoupling service functions from the underlying network technology, we can help you speed up time-to-market, and gain competitive edge and position as a perceived innovator.
  • Networks - With your new focus on value-added services, Atos Pre-paid IN enables you to monitor and manage usage consistently and in real-time across all networks - mobile circuit switched, IMS packet switched, and PSTN.
  • Charging - Post-paid and pre-paid charging converge too, allowing you to benefit from new hybrid models. Tiered pricing enables new rule-based offers while new visibility helps minimize bad debt.

Contact us to arrange a discovery session. We offer easy access to pilot programs and proof-of-concept – allowing you to explore the future of pre-paid without capital investment.


Your business technologists. Powering Progress

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